Features at a Glance


  1. Custom window thickness available within limits
  2. 7/8″ or 5/8″ only on 3000 and 4000, multiple options including custom on 5000
  3. 3000 avail. only in pine, 4000 avail. in SA Mahogany, Utile, Spanish Cedar, 5000 avail. in SA Mahogany, Utile, Fir, Walnut, Pine, and others
  4. For direct-to-countertop applications (no warranty against air & water infiltration)
  5. Paint or stain options available
  6. Required for larger, heavier sash
  7. Bronze wire available
  8. Concealed in head of window for FoldUp+Out options
  9. Depending on application, individual or ganged screens may be available, smart motor capable
  10. Required in some cases for corners conditions with FoldUp+In DH

Sizing by Series

Sizing Considerations

Sizing Considerations

Several factors affect the size of FoldUp™ windows, including sash size, sash weight*, balance limitations**, limiting geometries, installation conditions, and ergonomic factors. Because the window sashes uniquely fold up and out of the living space, unit size B and header height A are critical. FoldUp™ windows typically sit on a knee wall (or fixed window) so that height D needs to be considered as well depending on how you plan to use your interior space. It is recommended that unless used over a table or counter that the distance from the sash to the floor C*** ends up between 80”-84”. At this height the sash are well above the user’s head, but also still easy enough to be reached for opening and closing.

*Glass is the largest factor affecting weight
**FoldUp™ windows employ hidden balances
***Note that the lower sash angle may vary based on size and style of window




When using FoldUp+In™ windows on an inside corner, there can be a conflict where the sash will obstruct one another with both windows open at once. In these instances there are several potential solutions:

  • Use FoldUps™ at both locations and only open
    one at a time
  • Use a matching double hung on one of the corner
  • Build out the corner wall(s) enough to eliminate
    the issue
  • Use a properly sized door at the corner, assuming
    the door can open beneath the elevated FoldUp™ window
  • Design so that FoldUp™ windows on one wall can be mounted higher than ones on the adjacent wall

For specific window design dimensions consult your FoldUp™ representative.


Standard Grid Patterns

* If not shown above, custom grid pattrerns are available (drawing must accompany request)

SDL Options

Aluminum Exterior Grids

Wood Exterior Grids

Wood Interior Grids