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Just wanted to reach out and say thanks for your help with the FoldUp Window. I was crossing my fingers that it would fit since the hole was already established. Installed it today and it fits perfectly. The window is exactly what we wanted. Its beautiful and works great. Definitely a center piece in our home. Thanks so much for your help throughout the process!


– Homeowner in OR

I think it turned out beautifully!

– Designer and Parishioner, SC

We love our window!

– Homeowner in TN

Everyone loves them!

– Bar in Michigan

The feedback on the windows has been amazing. They are a great feature! 

– Restaurant in NYC

The windows are great.  Clients love them!

– Builder in MA

It is not uncommon to have projects that need to straddle the tasks of responding to historic context and bringing current, contemporary identity. FoldUp windows have proven to be an instrumental option for achieving this, pairing the image of a double hung with the functionality of a newer window type that brings a larger open area. The fact that the craftsmanship is stellar and the company is a pleasure to work with only makes it an easier choice to come back to!

– Architect in Upstate NY

“Thank you for your collaboration. Our client is really happy with the result. Great Job Rochester window team!!”

– Dealer in Ste-Adèle, Québec

“I think the windows turned out great…. They look fantastic and we appreciate the business we did with you.”

– Restaurant in Kansas City, MO

“They are great! Clients love them”

– Architect in MN

“We love the window. Looks awesome.”

– Homeowner in MI

“It’s been a pleasure to work with your firm and I can’t wait to be using these windows. You’ve got a great team and I’m thrilled to have kept my money local! The quality really shows.”

– Homeowner in MA

“Woot! Woot!!!” 

– Homeowner in CA

“Love the look.  Love the functionality. Perfect opening to exterior bar.”

– Homeowner in FL

We set the window today.  It’s friggin awesome.”

– Homeowner in GA

…our customer is very pleased with your window units. Thanks and hope to get some more projects.

–  Window contractor in FL (commercial)

…your window was all the we hoped for, and more

–  Homeowner in GA 

“I gotta tell you, these are the most beautiful flippin windows I have ever seen”

–  Contractor in CA